INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Championing all of the incredible ladies who performed at CBTC in 2022.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognise and champion the talented female artists who graced the stage at Craic by the Creek in 2022. These women delivered amazing performances that captivated and inspired the audience, showcasing their creativity, passion, and skill.

From the energetic powerhouse vocals of Jade Halliwell & Deeanne Dexeter of Honkytonk Roadshow to the mesmerising Irish Trad from Sarah Allen of Flook and Courtney Cullen of Perfect Friction, each artist brought their unique style and flair to the stage.

Here is a big shout out, a big thank you and a big hell yeh to you all!

We are super proud to always have female lead bands on the bill at Craic by the Creek. From the moment we decided to create a festival of Irish and Country music, names like Kezia Gill and Lisa McHugh were names the were right at the top of our list. We have since seen talents such as Claudia Buckley emerge in recent years and we are blessed to have them as part of our story. 

For summer of 2023, we have a whole host of ladies who will be gracing us with their presence. Acts which have already been announced include Claudia Buckley and Lampa with a load more to come in the coming weeks. 

Make sure you join us this summer! This is one weekend you do not want to miss!