Festival Information



In the spirit of making things as smooth as possible for all festival goers, please read the information below regarding motorhome and caravan guests at CBTC.

Are You bringing a motorhome or a caravan?

If you were a motorhome or caravan festival goer last year, you will know that some of the best memories were made back in the camp site! In the spirit of making your experience as good as possible and topping last year, we are asking you for a little more information on your plans so that we can be better prepared for your stay. Please ensure you fill out the form at the bottom of this page and read over all of the information provided.

When can I arrive at the festival?

The Craic by the Creek gates officially open at midday on the Friday. You will be able to arrive from midday, scan in your tickets and park up in our designated motorhome & caravan area .

Based on your feedback from last year, we have taken the decision to allow festival goers to take part in what we are calling Pitch Up Thursday. You can arrive on the festival site between 5pm and 8pm on the Thursday evening and get yourself parked up for the big weekend. You will be able to stay on site if you wish or you can leave your house on wheels and return back at midday on Friday.

Can I Park Near Friends?

If you wish to park next to your pals at the festival, we advise that you turn up at the same time as your friends. Unfortunately we can not reserve any areas as we are restricted on space.

Is there an electric hook up?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide an electric hook up for caravans or motorhomes on the festival site. However, you will be able to access our charger points for phones and our shower facilities include sockets for hairdryers and straightens.

Can I access drinking water?

Yes, you can access our fresh drinking water which is situated in the shower area.

What tickets do i need to show on arrival?

You will need a motorhome / caravan ticket plus general admission & camping tickets for each person staying in the motorhome or caravan. Your tickets will be scanned in and exchanged for wristbands on arrival.

What should I do with my Car if I am brining a caravan?

If you are bringing a caravan, you must pull up, unhitch and move your car on to the on-site car park. You must do this as quickly as possible to ensure that your are not blocking other festival goers from starting their weekend.

Why are we inviting you to arrive on the Thursday evening?

Good question! Whilst last year was an overwhelming success, we constantly asked all of our festival goers how the festival could be taken up a notch. Many festival goers suggested that they would be interested in coming on the Thursday evening to avoid the mad rush on the Friday. Arriving at a festival and getting yourself set up can be quite a stressful time. So why not reduce the stress by getting ahead of the game. Whilst there won't be any entertainment on the Thursday itself, the bar will be open to serve and you are more than welcome to bring your own food as the food vendors will not be open until Friday either. The shower and toilet facilities will of course be open too.